Tioneer introduces the T-Points Loyalty Program to show our appreciation of you!

How It Works

There are three ways of earning T-Points.

  1. Create a Store Account: 100 T-Points
  2. Referral Link Sharing & Purchase1250 T-Points
  3. Product Purchases2: 1 T-Point for every $0.20 spent.

1 Referral Link Sharing & Purchase T-Points requires a store account. Referral link can be found on your account page. 250 T-Points will be credited to your account when a purchase is made through your referral link.
2 T-Points are earned and calculated only from product purchase total. Shipping and taxes, if applicable, does not earn T-Points.

How to Redeem My T-Points1

1 T-Point is equal to $0.02 discount. That's a 10% discount rate for every dollar spent!

T-Points can be applied to your cart order total anytime and will never expire! You can either save up and build your T-Points total, or use them immediately.

1 T-Points are not valid with any other promotion or discount code, are not transferable and cannot be purchased, traded or sold.

If you have any questions or unsure about the T-Points Loyalty Program, please contact our Customer Care using the contact us form or by calling our toll free 1-877-888-0506.