Personalization W/ Images


Share your story through personalized jewelry.


Tioneer proudly offers text, special symbols, and image engraving to give you the utmost flexibility on how you would like to tell your story.


  • While we do not want to restrict you expression to a limited number of characters, we strongly suggest that the message is kept at a reasonable length to make it legible based on the space available on the product.
  • The longer the message, the smaller the text will be to fit on the product space available - making the message difficult to read.
  • Font selection is also advised based on the length of the message - a simple and minimal font would be best suited for a lengthy number of characters to engrave.
  • While you can suggest a font not available in the selection, we strongly recommend using our fonts for the best results.
  • Be sure to include placement location, angle, font selection, or any special instructions in the order notes prior to checking out.
    • Front or back; inside or outside.
    • Vertically or horizontally.
    • Font preference.


Personalization Fonts Offered


  • Do not upload a colored image file.
  • Only grayscale, black and white images will be accepted.
  • If a colored image has been submitted, it will be modified per our engraving specialist's discretion.
  • It is strongly recommended that the design color (image to be engraved) is black, with white or transparent background.
  • Be sure to include placement location, angle, or any special instructions in the order notes prior to checking out.
    • Front or back; inside or outside.
    • Vertically or horizontally.


Unless otherwise stated on the product page, the following is the finished engraving result color based on the material of the product.

  • 14K/18K Gold
    • All products: Black/dark gray engraved color result.
    • Sterling Silver
      • All products: White engraved color result.
      • Tungsten
        • Black color products: White/light gray engraved color result.
        • Other color products: Dark gray engraved color result.


      • $15.00 | Text and special symbols custom engraving.
      • $25.00 | Image custom engraving.


      • Live view of product customization on the website product page is a only visual representation and does not fully depict the finished product.
      • Engraving result may vary slightly from the website product page visual representation.
      • If placement location, angle, or font instructions are not provided, our personalization specialists will design the message based on their discretion.
      • Due to the customized nature to tell your story, personalized products are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE, except under special conditions.

      If you have any questions or unsure about personalizing your product, please contact our Customer Care using the CONTACT US form or by calling our toll free 1-877-888-0506.